Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thoughts on Thankfulness

Today I’m writing about Thanksgiving.  I know I’m tardy, but that’s not too surprising.  My license plate reads, “ILBL8.”  *smile* 

How was your holiday?  I hope it was filled with moments that will become warm memories of family and food and perhaps, football.  That’s what Thanksgiving is all about in the South, at least where I come from. 

We celebrated on Thanksgiving Day with a feast at my hubby’s folks.’  His ninety-one-year-old grandmother was there.  I have to wonder what she thinks of the world today.  It’s so different than the one she grew up in.  In many ways, the world of her youth was more like the books I write – a simpler time, a less ‘sophisticated’ time, perhaps.   She watched very patiently as we all glanced at our smart phones throughout the afternoon, while my daughter and niece took lots of photos for “Snapchat” and sent them off to friends, and then while we all checked our Twitter feeds for the latest news on games and players.   Yes, the world has changed.

Thanksgiving is a day to spend celebrating your blessings, big and small.  It seems ironic to me how our society has managed to change the day after Thanksgiving into one of the biggest shopping days of the year.  Of all days, it seems that Friday might be a day to say, “No, I just realized I’m at peace with what I have.  Thanks anyway.”

I know, I know – it’s about the sales – and the opportunity to get a head start on Christmas.  But it just seems funny to me, juxtaposed as it is with a Day of Thanks. 

In honor of the occasion, I wrote a silly poem that I want to share with you today. 


Dear Lord,

On this sweet Thanksgiving Day

I bow my head low and take time to pray

For I, among all, am so richly blessed --

As You can well see by this house’s mess


I have boxes and bags that lie in piles

From my last two trips to the mercantile

Fripperies that I shall never quite use --

But I purchased them because they amused


Thanks for being so generous to me

For a credit card with no yearly fee

Now I need Your help more than before

Preparing to shop the Black Friday stores


Please give me true WISDOM and the FORESIGHT

To pick the best stores to purge at midnight

Send me the STRENGTH I'll need to see me through

When I must fight for a pair of new shoes


I’ll need ENDURANCE for this tiring day

And the host of troubles that’ll come my way

Please give me COURAGE to push to the fore

So I’ll be first shopper inside the store


Then please grant me HEALTH, don’t let me linger

I must take good care of my ten fingers

In all the bustle of this busy day

I can’t forget…


Cyber Monday is just two days away!





However you spent your holiday, I hope it was happy and filled with family and friends.  I hope you created memories to hold close in the years to come.  And if you went shopping on Black Friday – I hope you found some crazy awesome deals.  You’re braver than me! 


Special Notes:

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I’ll be back on Wednesday with another Author Interview.  See you then!   (P.S.  Don't forget to feed the fish!) 

 -- robyn



  1. Robyn, this is filled with so much love and family and all those things we forget to be thankful about until we are living it again.

    I enjoyed your poem and smiled the whole way through. I didn't dare go out. My anger would have gotten to me if I would have.

    I'll try to stop by to give you a vote..and I'll pass it along. Hugs

  2. Thanks, Melissa. You're always so good about staying caught up. I appreciate you!