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Table of Contents:

I.    Writing Tips and Help -- All Genres

II.   Writing Tips and Help -- Romance

III.  Writing Tips and Help -- Other

IV.  'Universal' Research Sites 

V.    Historical Time Periods:

[Tip:  Look for content chronologically or by height of popularity.  For example, Wikipedia informs readers that pirates were active in the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas as early as the 14th century BC, but the years 1650-1720 AD are recognized as "The Golden Age of Piracy."  Therefore, you'll find information and links for Pirates falling under 'The Baroque Era' (1600-1750).]

The Ancient Era (4000 B.C.-476 A.D.)

The Edwardian Era (1901-1919)

The Modern Era (1919 forward)   [not a link, scroll down]



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I.  Writing Tips and Help -- All Genres:


Inspiration and FUN Stuff:

Hatch's Plot Bank --
From Author A J Barnett --
500+ Words for Said

From Author A J Barnett --
400+ Words to Describe Texture

From Author A J Barnett --
The Structure of a Novel

From Author A J Barnett --
Story Dialogue Revealed

From Macmillan Dictionary --
Words Used to Describe Colors

Online Text Correction Tool --
Check spelling, grammatical errors and correct diction

From Reverso --
Multiple Tools to Check Your Writing

Tool for Paraphrasing or Text Spinning --
Complex Sentence Generator

Great Writing Books:

From Christopher Fielden
Writing advice

365 Creative Writing Prompts:

Creating the Perfect Character:

From the US Social Security Administration --
See what the names mean and more!

From Fantasy Name Generators --

Other Character Naming Resources --

Exotic Names

Heather's Page of Unusual Names   (wonderful site but watch out for ads -- rc)

Behind the Name

Baby Name Guide (with suggestions for every nationality) 


From Mithril Mages --
City and Town Name Generator
Modern Type-of-Business Generator
Modern City Block Generator
Manmade Feature Generator
Natural Geographic Feature Generator
Restaurant Name Generator
Street Name Generator

From Fantasy Name Generators -- (many other options are available here!)
English Town Name Generator
Assorted Description Generators
Other Name Generators!    (amazing site! --rc)
SS_command_of_Auschwitz_concentration_camp (positions of authority)

Food Timeline/Histories --


Charater Profile Questionaire

Feath's Bookcase including Character Generator
Character Trait Chart and Personality Components


Ask the Expert
Laura's Lists of Twenty
The Writer's Knowledge Base
English/Grammer/Research Web Links for Writers

Tara K. Harper:Technical/Literary Resources for Writers

Painting Pictures for the Reader--
Using Adjectives/Adverbs/'Describing' Words

The Dreaded Synopsis!


From Joanna Penn @ 


Hot D_ _n's price list-

Writers' Block:

Lisa R. Cohen's Dealing with Writer's Block

How to Cure Writer’s Block ... 


II.  Writing Tips and Help -- Romance:


Romance Writing Resources from eBook Crossroads  
Charlotte Dillon's Resources for Romantic Writers
Erastes Resources for Romance Writers
Karen Witemeyer's Resources for Writers
The Passionate Pen
The Romance Author's (Reference) Page


Romance Writers of America
Romance Writers on the Journey (Critique Partnerships and Tips)


III.  Writing Tips and Help -- Other

Flash Fiction:

Avoiding the Slushpile:

The Definition of Flash Fiction:

Telling a Great Story:

Flash Fiction Resources:

Where to submit:                                 





Creating the 'Poetic Line' --from the Poetry Foundation: (a great resource in general!) 

Essay and Non-Fiction:



IV.  'Universal' Research Information


Weather Links

Ask the Expert

Documents of Diplomatic History

From 'All My Favorite Flower Names' - Lists of Flowers

From Wikipedia: Alphabetical Lists of Colors and More

Eating Habits/Daily Life:

The Food Timeline

The Herbal Encyclopedia

Clothing and Accessories
Davenport and Co

Maps/Location Info:

Historical Maps of Europe
University of Texas Map Collection

Historic Cities

Folklore and Mythology Resource 

(Thanks to Tessie Hargrove!)


Library of Congress
Legends of America


V.    Historical Time Periods:

The Ancient Era (4000 B.C. - 476 A.D.):

The Medieval Era (476 - 1450):

Fordham University's Internet Medieval Sourcebook
Medieval Names Archive

From Mithril Mages --
Medieval Name List
Medieval Name Generator

Medieval Technology Pages
Arts and Sciences of the Middle Ages and Renaissance
Medieval Scotland Links (some have expired)

The Labyrinth

The Renaissance Era (1450-1600):

Arts and Sciences of the Middle Ages and Renaissance

The Elizabethan Era (1558-1603):

The Baroque Era (1600-1750):

17th Century Baroque Fashion, 1636-1664

18th Century Late Baroque and Rococo Fashion, 1700-1729

Pirates/Piracy/Barbary Corsairs

The Georgian Era (1714-1811):

Eighteenth-Century Resources by Jack Lynch

18th Century Late Baroque and Rococo Fashion, 1700-1729

The Regency Era (1812-1830):

Regency Name Generator
Jane Austen Information Page
Candice Hern's Regency World
Allison Lane's Common Regency Errors
The Regency Collection

The Victorian Era (1837-1901):

The Victorian Web
Victorian and Western Clothing Styles
Victorian Fashions
Victorian Web Sites
Victorian Slang Dictionary
The Victorian Dictionary
Monuments and Dust
Journal of Victorian Culture Online

Courting the Victorian Woman

The Edwardian Era (1901-1919):

Myths and Legends

Myths and Legends
Encyclopedia Mythica

American History

The World Wars
The Great Chicago Fire
The American Revolution
San Francisco History
The American Memory
The Story of the Pullman Car
The American Prison in Historical Perspective

The History of Women's Prisons in the United States

The Old West/Pioneering:

(For more help with The Old West, check individual categories under Romance)
Jim Janke's Old West
Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum
Rails West
The Overland Trail
Chuckwagon History
Victorian and Western Clothing Styles
River Junction 19th century dry goods
Old West Insults
Handguns of the Old West
PBS - The West

Food FAQs: 19th century American foodways

 For Crime Writers:

Cops & Writers/The Definitive Resource for Writers
The Crime Writers' Association
Deadly Diversions Forensics Links
Deadly Diversions Police Sites
National Archive of Criminal Justice Data
Crime Magazine/An Encyclopedia of Crime
Crime Scene
In Reference To Murder: Weapons
Serial Killers and Mass Murderers
The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, London 1674 to 1834
True Crime Links
Police Procedure Links

From Mithril Mages -- 
Twists, Slugs and Roscoes, a glossary of hard-boiled detective slang


Field-Specific Sources --

Financial and investment dictionary

Medical, pharmaceutical, biomedical and healthcare dictionary with acronyms and abbreviations.

From Mithril Mages --
Wound and Disease Generator

Submissions, General:

The BIG List of Literary Magazines
Creative Writing Contests/Fiction, Nonfiction
Literary Markets
Find a New Poetry Magazine/Current listing, publishing short-form genres:
Open Submissions


Astonishing Song Writing Facts That Will Release Your Inner Genius

Self-Publishing Notes:

The Psychology of A Good Book Cover:

The Psychology of Book Titles:
Characters on Your Cover or Not?

Street Teams and How to Use Them:

Making Yourself the Brand:

Marketing Through Twitter:
Twitter icebreakers:
100 Great Twitter Tweet Examples:
Writing The Perfect Tweet To Sell Tons Of Books:
Scientific Guide to Writing Great Tweets:


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