*** Promotion Tips ***

Creating Your 'Writer Platform'

'Get Noticed' and Get Your Name Out There
1. Enter writing contests! (whether for fiction, non-fiction, fan-fiction, poetry, etc.) If you have talents, put them to good use!

Things to Do (in no particular order):
1. Create an Author Page at
Amazon Author Central
2. Create a Facebook Fan Page (in your name, the name of the book or a character.)
Facebook 'Create a Page'
3. Create a Goodreads Author Page (and add a Goodreads badge to your blog)  Add your book to any appropriate "Lists", (i.e. New Authors, Historical Romance, etc)
Goodreads Author Program
4. Create a complete author's account at Author's Den
Author's Den Sign-Up
5. Update your LinkedIn Account to acknowledge your book's release and other exciting
 news.   Check in weekly
6. Get your book reviewed by as many people as possible (be sure to ask friends/reviewers to upload their comments to Amazon, Goodreads, B&N, etc.   **Keep in mind that it doesn't hurt at all to have them post thoughts on their Facebook page, your Fan Page and Twitter!)
Directory of Book Review(er)s on the Web

Yahoo List of Reviewers
Romance Book Blogs for Reviews 

7.  Offer yourself as a speaker for local groups (Consider anything that has to do with topics in your book!  Or on the subject of writing, itself.  Be creative!)

8.  Enter contests to build name recognition and potentially make contacts!

9.  Take every opportunity to attend workshops/conventions/sessions where other writers gather (ask questions, take notes)

10. Promote yourself and your book(s) constantly. Carry items with you that start conversations. (i.e. a phone skin, necklace, coffee mug or canvas tote personalized with your book cover.)

11. Create a presence on Twitter.

12. Sign up for an ‘Authorgraph” account, so you can ‘autograph’ your e-books for fans.  Then add a widget to your blog.

13. Visit your local library and offer to do a reading/signing.  (If you're in an area that has multiples, cover them all!)

14. Visit with local, independent book stores and see if you can set up readings/signings.

15. If your book (or part of your book) takes place in a 'real' city, contact the library and newspapers in that area to see if they would be interested in learning more about your novel or doing an interview.

16. Try to think of celebrities that might help get people excited about your work.  For a story set in the Wild West,  consider actors you've loved from past movies, perhaps.  Singers?  Activists?  Animal Lovers?   (Facebook, Tweet, or mail them a copy of your book?)

17. Become active in Amazon Discussion Groups related to your Field of Interest.

18. Make a habit of visiting Blogs for Author Interviews, Character Interviews, and Guest Posts.  (Search 'guest blogging' and 'author interviews' -- also contact those blogs you love to read.)

19. Find other authors who are successful and ask questions, follow their example.  

20. Promote yourself (in a quiet, professional way) on Pinterest.  (addy to join)

21. Join a writer's group: Romance Writers of America, Science Fiction Writers of America, etc.   (a device for finding local writing groups)

22. Host a Giveaway!  This is a great way to generate excitment and interest in your product.  (Watch you bottom line, and don't be overly generous, so that you can do more giveaways more often.)  Also -  be creative and consider ideas and options that may not be readily apparent...instead of giving away copies of your book (since people won't purchase it while they're hoping to win!), offer a companion piece. 

For my Western-themed book, I'm hosting a giveaway for beautiful Western-inspired jewelry!  (Still going on, as a matter of fact - to enter, "Like" my Facebook Fan Page at:  The drawing will be held in the next few weeks!  And if you scroll down far enough, you'll see an image of the jewelry itself!  *smile*  --- Gotta get a plug in for myself, right??? )  

**Don't forget Goodreads Giveaways, also!  It's a free service and generates lots of attention for you and your book.  The only catch is that your book has to be available in paperback to participate.   


I will continue to add to this list - so check back frequently. 

PLEASE comment with any tips and ideas you may have. 

Realize that each writer’s marketing journey will be different. Don’t get discouraged. Wisdom dictates that the best thing a writer can do to build his/her brand... is get to work on the next project. The more books you have available, the more name recognition you're able to build.

Success comes slowly, brick by brick.

I encourage you to make up your mind to do ONE THING toward marketing yourself or your book each day. You will see results.  Good luck!!   -robyn


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