Wednesday, November 14, 2012

In a Perfect World...Part II

In February, I posted a small piece about life in the Perfect World.  Here are a few more thoughts... Enjoy!

In a Perfect World...

You could eat all you wanted on special occasions, without the miserable, bloated feeling afterward.

Children would never have homework - so you wouldn't have to show how stupid you are.

Hair would never need cutting, coloring or styling. Great hair days, every day! (no gray!)

We'd all be fabulously rich, widely acclaimed, published authors and poets. (*smile*)

The faucet would never drip.

No one would have to take meds.

There would be no such thing as wrinkles.

Your neighbor would carry all your favorite brands of food! (For when you borrow, get it?)

Krispy Kreme donuts would be healthy. (Or -- fill in your favorite brand.)

All flowers would be perennials, and there would be no such thing as weeds!

Your scales would lie. (So would your mirror.)

You'd soon find the hair on your shirt that has been tickling you for hours!

Onions would never make you cry (and neither would your children!)

There'd be no such thing as computer viruses!

God would answer every prayer immediately.

Your bathroom would clean itself.

You really COULD earn $5000 a week from home.


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