Monday, August 27, 2012


I know, you're thinking not now!  School just started back and I can't even begin to consider adding something new to my schedule.  But perhaps this is exactly when you should do it. 

While we're trying to adjust to routines and schedules and a clock demanding our attention again, it's easy to let our writing time get the worst end of the deal.  Allowing whatever hurried thoughts we scribble on paper napkins, the back of a cereal box or our child's forehead suffice as quality writing or journaling time in our scramble to fix lunches, help with homework and get everyone to their respective appointments.  Before you know it, that great idea is being washed off in a first period classroom, and you're left clueless.  (An extreme example, but is it so far from the truth?)  *smile*

I have a treat for you!  Join me in taking the

  27 Days Self-Discovery
Journaling Challenge
by Mari L McCarthy
We'll let someone else lead us by the hand through an amazing journey of discovery AND make sure we squeeze in time to write each day!  What could be better?  I've heard and seen rave reviews of this program, so I'm willing to give it a go.  And you know they say it just takes 27 days to make a habit, so...whaddya say?  Are you willing to try it with me?
While you're at Mari's website, (here:  be sure to check out the other FREE items she offers for new friends, like ebook chaps, Journaling Tips, Writing Prompts and Ideas - priceless!    September 3rd, here I come! 
Let me know if you plan to participate, so we can encourage each other!   BONUS:  I have a great inspirational file from Creative Writing Now that I'll pass along to anyone who contacts me and says they'll take the challenge.  It's called "Photo Prompts With Secrets," and is filled with delightfully mysterious, thought-provoking writing prompts.
Today's selection from my portfolio is one you can share with the kiddies.  I hope you enjoy!  Remember to make it a great day!!  (You're in charge!) 

Special Me!


I can't do what the bumblebee does
But I'm special just the same
I can't flutter or fly or softly buzz
But the Lord God knows my name

I'm not strong like the elephant
That roams in the tall, tall grass
But the Lord God thinks I'm relevant
And draws close each time I pass

I'm not as tall as a giraffe's brown nose
And I'm not so lovely to see
But the Lord God hears and always knows
I'm special because I'm me!
And hey!  Don't forget to feed the fishies!  They get hungry down there.....   *smile*



  1. Sounds great! You have a lot of cool stuff here. I'll have to make it a favorite.

  2. Thanks, Scarlet! Be sure to check out all the links and websites to the left. I've compiled a treasure trove of goodies for writers! It includes inspiration to get started AND sources to send the finished product! *smile*

  3. Hey, Mel! I'm so glad! I've thought of you several times while I've been considering this 'course'. Have you gone to Mari's website yet? Pick up the materials from her and then email me at I will send you the 'bonus gift' from for participating!