Friday, August 24, 2012

NO EXCUSES !!  heehee 

After I completed my book, Melinda Heads West, I found that I had actually worn the printing off several of the keys on my poor keyboard.  I couldn't tell my 'o' from my 'i' any more!  You'd think that wouldn't make a difference, but believe me, it did.  When I went to the store to buy a new keyboard, what did I find?  A hot pink, jeweled version -- and it just screamed my name!  

So now when I'm at my keyboard, I'm inspired in a whole different way than ever before.  I highly recommend it.  The cost was reasonable (Hobby Lobby, $30.)  And it makes typing even more of a pleasure ~   They have matching desk items to go along:  pencil holders, calculators, scissors, etc.   --- No, I was strong.  I didn't purchase any of those...yet.

Today, I have been suffering the after-effects of a migraine, so I thought I'd share one of my more tongue-in-cheek pieces with you.  Hope you enjoy.  Please remember to Make it a Great Day -- you're in charge!

The Art of Over-Reaction

It's never too early -- or too late -- to learn to over react.

Take steps to hone your skills or you will soon be left behind in this ever-advancing, impatient population. Here are a few quick tips:

Never get all the facts. Always assume you understand every situation exactly as you see it.

Expect the worst. Never let positive attitudes undermine your over reaction.

Jump to conclusions.

Always speak before you think. Your friends and family expect this.

Never completely trust anyone, including your husband, friends or children. Many wonderful opportunities to over react have been lost in this way.

Marry someone who over reacts. Make sure in every situation one of you over reacts. You may take turns if you like.

Finally, teach your children to over react. Someone must carry on the tradition


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