Monday, August 20, 2012

Hello blog, old friend.

My goodness -- There's been so much going on lately I've been very neglectful. It seems my upcoming books and new facebook pages have been demanding too much of my time.  Nope - those are just excuses.  I'll do better, I promise. 

Let me catch you up. 

My historical romance/western, "Melinda Heads West", is set to be released as an e-book on October 8th, 2012.  A POD (print-on-demand) paperback will follow, but I'm not quite sure of the date (rats!).   The story follows a young woman (Melinda) who travels from Mississippi to Kansas to pick up a family deed.  Trouble with a capital "T" nips at her heels the whole way.  Lucky for her she makes the acquaintance of two 'gentlemen' to help see her through the dangers.  One is tall and blond (Lucas), and one is tall and dark (Boone).  Poor Mindy struggles to decide which man will win her heart...though Boone is married.  Or is he?

I am blessed to say I have a second book coming out in November!  It is a collaboration with 17 other poets and is a collection of Japanese short-form poetry.  (senryu, kyoka and haiga)   It is FABULOUS and I am honored to be in such esteemed company!  I can't wait to share it with the world!

In trying to prepare for the release of the books, my editor told me to find people to write endorsements/blurbs for the book cover.  Little did she know what a firestorm she would create.  I've been writing, emailing and calling everyone I can think of!  Starting with my favorite writers, of course -- why not shoot for the best, right?  All they can say is no and I haven't died from one of those, yet.

Imagine my surprise and shock when I received a return phone call last night from one of my favorite authors, Lavyrle Spencer!  She kindly informed me that although she no longer read manuscripts or participated in the book industry in any way, she would be happy to share a few of her best writing tips with me, a beginning writer - IF I WAS INTERESTED.   I barely managed a garbled yes through my tears.   What followed was probably some of the most gracious few minutes I've experienced, while Mrs. Spencer shared some fab tips she had learned in the trenches.  And yes, they are now CLEARLY printed and posted above my writing area where I can see them at all times. 

This has been an adventure of the best sort.  While it has included some of the things I expected and looked forward to, the odd and unusual rabbit trails that have popped up have made the journey even more thrilling. 

It's been a happy day, so I'll close with a happy poem, if you don't mind. 

What makes me happy? Let me say:
Watching children hard at play

Blowing bubbles in the air
Going to a county fair

Little pups that fall and run
Lying in the summer sun

Stealing kisses from Granddad
Four-leaf-clovers make me glad

Pushing children on a swing
Seeing the first flower of spring
Christmas gifts under a tree
(The biggest one marked for me!)

Canoeing down a river stream
Having the best sort of dream

Getting the last slice of pie
Fireworks glowing in July

Best friends who will see me through
Spending extra time with you

What makes me happy? Let me say:

Another day just like today!

Thanks so much for reading.  I hope YOUR day is inspirational, and that you have steamy, dreamy nights!

photo credit: geishaboy

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