Friday, September 14, 2012

~ ~ TA-DA! ~ ~

Well, it's here...  Crimson has released the cover of my book!  Melinda is due out (in ebook) on October 8th.  I still can't believe it's happening...but from the looks of things, it's real.  *smile*  There seems to be a book with MY name on it being manufactured.  Though you have to look pretty hard to find that name.  (heehee)  Have you ever noticed that as a writer gains in popularity, his name grows on the cover of his books?  You haven't?  Well, next time you have the chance, check out the latest John Grisham book, for example.  You might be surprised to notice that his name is ALWAYS larger than the title of the book!  (Because it's what 'sells.')  The title of the book - and the art (which is pretty nonexistent at this point) matter little at all.  It's the Grisham name that does the work. 

But it makes no difference to me.  My name is on there, and it's a challenge to see how big it will be on the next cover.  *smile*   One baby step at a time. 

Please celebrate with me!  If you're a writer, let me know whether you've experienced this part of the journey, or if it's still an expectation.  Have faith  - if it can happen to can happen to YOU! 


Today's offering is a fun one. 

The Common Sense Rules for Life. 

Enjoy....and OBEY!!!

A- ct like a grown-up.
B- elieve in Something bigger than you.
C- all your Mother.
D- o not lie.
E- at your veggies.
F- ollow your conscience.
G- row a little - in some way - every day.
H- onor your name.
I- nvest in a child.
J- ust put the buggy back, already!
K- eep love alive.
L- ive in the moment.
M- ake people laugh!
N- ever stop dreaming.
O- riginals welcome!
P- ress on.
Q- uit using excuses.
R- emember one good joke.
S- top and smell the flowers.
T- ry harder next time.
U- se your noggin.
V- alue the elderly.
W- hining is not allowed.
X- tend grace and be willing to accept it.
Y- ield good fruit.
Z- ap hate!
Thanks for reading!  Please make it a great day!
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  1. Well I'm so proud of you. I know it's been a journey and the end results is the beautiful book. Congrats Robyn