Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Romance Novel Love vs. Real Life Love

     - Photo coutesy of  Gregory Jordan-

What’s the difference between real love and romance-story love?

I’ve been thinking lately.  I like to write romance novels.  But I’d much rather live out my own life than the lives of my characters, as much as I enjoy ‘visiting’ their times.  A sweeping, life-altering romance is exhausting, to tell the truth. 

What’s wonderful is when the romance turns comfortable.  The fire still burns, as hot as ever at times, but it doesn’t have to be tended every moment.  You don’t have to worry about the tedious little things that trouble you when the romance is new.

Does he love me? Yes or No?  Up or Down? Left or Right?

He loves me.  I know it.  If we get into a serious discussion, I don’t have to worry he will slam out the door and leave for good.  He’s mine.  Forever.  That’s a remarkable feeling.  Even when I put on a couple of pounds and start to feel the effects of gravity, I know that he’ll be there. 

Can I say what’s on my mind?

With a new romance, you tiptoe.  When my husband and I were first married, I would get upset and hold things in.  He convinced me it was better for our marriage to express what I felt right when the situation occurred instead of letting things fester.  Now we solve issues right away, and stay happier.  Note: We are always careful to use loving words, and we never scream or blame -- but keeping the air clear is a big help.

But romance-books make it seem so appealing!

That’s because they are created by writers!  Who write about idealized situations.  The perfect scenario --which never exists in real life.  If you’re looking for romance-book love, you’ll probably be disappointed.  And/or exhausted.  *smile*

Here’s to real love – and Happily Ever After!
For today's offering,  I thought it fitting that I share a love poem (written in honor of our 20 years together):

~ A Love Story ~
On this day...but even more-
Every day of our double-score -
Written sweet on vellum page
A love to last for endless age

Light and delicate, even strokes
Prove we're blessed beyond average folks
Sweeping lines and lilting phrase
Captures our romantic days

The tale continues, and evermore
It's you I'll love, excite, adore
The page grows long, the ink still runs
Our simple story just begun

My Prince, I thought, when we first met
But then I hardly knew you yet
My Prince and more, you've proved to be
You've made a Princess out of me
by robyn corum

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