Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hi Friends!  I have something really special to tell you about today....Coupons and Free stuff!  What do we like better than that?  Okay, well, there's a couple of things...like chocolate and romance novels (hint, hint),  but that's for another time.

I have a friend who's a member of a consumer testing panel.  She gets to review new products and tell the public what she really thinks about them.  And her readers reap the rewards!  She includes details about coupons and (intermittent) goodies in her posts! 

Here is the website:


I will make a permanent link to it here for you, but run over now and check it out.  She's giving away THREE sets of Glade fragrance for the home!  But hurry, once word gets out, the competition will be fierce! 


Today's offering is called  "Five O'Clock Freeway" and I wonder if any of you can relate?

Five o’clock freeway !

Tempers and tires

Drivers with patience

Stretched to the wire

Schedules and time clocks
That have to be met
Diving between Dodges

A new form of roulette
Strumming the steering wheel
Rocking to Kiss
Who keeps their sanity
Living like this?

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  1. Thanks Robyn, but I've had no hits for this freebie give away. You're too sweet kiddo, I thank you lots though.

  2. Robyn here is a link to my main blog where I interact more.


  3. Girlfriend you need to update your blog LOL!!