Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Feature: "Celebration Thursdays!!"

I want to introduce a new weekly feature of Robyn’s Rules called, “Celebration Thursdays!”

Have you ever noticed that today’s news and entertainment programs spotlight some individuals whose activities are less  than stellar?  And who themselves can be somewhat less - shall we say - than inspirational?  Our athletes, musicians and entertainers sometimes let us down in the ‘hero’ department.

The fact is, we don't have to look to Hollywood or New York for heroes.  Most of us are blessed to know – or to have known -- amazing, inspiring, note-worthy people in our own day-to-day lives!  I think it’s time we stand up and give these simple folks the shout out they truly deserve.   I hope you’ll join me. 

Please participate by commenting on any post in the Robyn’s Rules blog.  In the comment, BE SURE to use the words, “Celebration Thursdays Nominee.”  Then give at least two reasons why your friend or family member, or even famous historical figure, should be honored.

Be fun!  Be witty!  Be creative!  But be sincere.  Make us laugh.  Make us weep. Remember, everyone else can see your posts, too.  AND keep ‘em clean!

 I may need further info, so if you follow my blog by email, make sure that I can put your name and email together. (Sometimes the two never seem to fit)   

Each Thursday I’ll post a poem, story or essay to honor those TRULY SPECIAL PEOPLE in our lives.   

I can’t wait to get started!  Get those submissions rolling in!   God bless!   robyn

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