Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In a perfect world:

Here are a few things I think of when I consider the concept of a "Perfect World."  You can add your own ideas, too.  (Keep it clean.)  *smile*  Have a great day!  robyn

There would always be an extra roll of toilet paper under the sink.

Adults could still have "Show and Tell" day.

The grass would never need mowing - but would stay a verdant green all year long.

You'd never pick up the phone to an unwanted sales call.

Christmases would always be white.

Children couldn't be hurt.

You'd never lose one sock.

Candy and sweets would not be fattening. Liver and onions might be!

The printer would never run out of ink.

Birds wouldn't poop unexpectedly and in unfortunate places.

The slow driver would be in front of someone else for a change!

Legs would never need shaving.

The left-overs in the fridge would be eaten, or would miraculously disappear before they turned into science projects.

There'd be no such thing as dust in a home.

Children would put away toys and cups.

Your favorite t-shirt or jeans wouldn't shrink.

Fingernail polish would stay on until YOU took it off.

Cashiers would always be friendly and polite.


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