Friday, February 17, 2012

brave, brave daffodil

brave, brave daffodil
standing strong in winter's chill

bright surprise against the snow
bringing forth a happy glow

but pray my dear, where are your friends?
waiting for the cold to end?


brave, brave daffodil
blooming forth where'er thy will

regardless of the wind and rain
thy cheerful show is not in vain

whispering of the coming spring
sparkles to the eye thou bring


brave, brave daffodil
ah, my heart, thou doest fill!

the trees in barren winterscape
stare at you with mouths agape

the red bird's song in quiet trill,
"brave, brave daffodil!"

rc 2/2012

I hope you aren't suffering from winter's grip.  I long for the brightness of spring!  (Hurry spring!)
Have a fabulous day!  robyn

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