Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hello again.

Wow.  You thought I had forgotten about you.  But no, no.  Things have been rather busy at the Corum household - and I'm sure you can all relate.  And though I'm not promising to write again everyday, I did have something to share that I wrote recently in honor of the lovely weather we've been enjoying.  *smile*

The photo is by a talented artist named suzannethompson2 on FanArtReview.

Pit!  Pat!  

        Hear that?


Plip!   Plop!  

       Wet drop.

Plunk!  Splat!


         Clack!   Whack!        
             Sky black.

Bang!  Smack!          

             Thunder crack!

Winds blow –            
                       Light show!

Rain slows    
                   Cloud goes.




          Wet lawn.

Clean street.   
                         Birds tweet!


Please have a super spring!



  1. Delivered as only you can. I felt swept along by the seasonal changes, short, little word-spirts, font and color driven. You couldn't have been more eloquent!