Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Why Should Colors Matter?

Why do colors matter?

We’re all the same inside

Why should variations

In skin cause a divide?

I’m lots of different colors

Depending on the day

Depending on the way I feel

And things that people say

I’m blood red when I’m angry

And yellow when I’m scared

I’m not sure, but I suppose

These feelings might be shared

When I’m hurt, I’m black and blue

I know we cry the same

When I’m scared, I turn ghost-white

And pink, when I’m ashamed

When envy has me by the tail

I admit to seeing green

But I have never crossed someone

For the sake of being mean

These tendencies are foolish

Perhaps they will subside

Why should colors matter?

When we’re all the same inside


Something to think about for today...Hope your day is all it can be and more -- MAKE IT SO!  *smile*

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